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  • Band: The Cigarettes
    Title: Will Damage Your Health
    Formats: 22 track vinyl Double LP & 30 track Double CD
    Label:Detour Records
    Cat No: DLP - DRLP029 & DCD - DRCD029
    Barcoded: DLP - 5032733000908 & DCD - 5032733000915
    Released: 18 February 2002

    Talk about starting the New Year with a bang!!!! Come January you are going to be met with an onslaught of pure Mod / Punk / Power-Pop treats bought to you courtesy of ‘The Cigarettes’!!!

    It’s a story that’s been told so many times for many other bands but once again The Cigarettes were one of those bands that although enjoyed great local success in their hometown of Lincoln whilst they were going (1978 - 1981) they never really got major national recognition (apart from a Smash Hits review, a ‘John Peel’ session and an appearance on one of his roadshows). Now, with their two singles being sought after by those weirdos called vinyl collectors we have made contact with the band, found all their old recordings and put them out for everyone to enjoy.

    The band were one of those late 70's / early 80's combos that are impossible to pigeon-hole - which is great!! Were they Punk? Well, a bit too smart really. Were they Mod? The image may have been but the music was harder, more powerful. Were they Power-Pop? Once again, all the ingredients were there but the pure power and inventiveness of some of the songs meant that they could not fit in the Power-Pop catchy two minute song bracket. So, sod the stereotyping - this is a great album from a band that will maybe now get the recognition they deserve. Featured on the album are both of the band’s singles A and B sides, rare compilation appearances, totally unreleased tracks and the cream of the crop - their session that was recorded for transmission on the ‘John Peel’ BBC Radio One show. Coming with great artwork that features loads of rare photos and liner notes by band member ‘Rob Smith’ and a wealth of musical gems that are sure to get you moving this is a package that we are really proud of. But wait - there’s more - buried on the CD version are 8 extra tracks - and these tracks are the first ever rehearsal tapes of the band - so yeah, sure they’re rough as bollocks but it’s a true document of how the band grew and developed.

    So, ignore the warning and dive in, because the Cigarettes are here to DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH!!